A great idea, all year round

Welcome to a simple new collection service to take care of your garden waste. With Greentopia, you can enjoy all the benefits of gardening, without having to worry about taking your garden waste to the tip. For just £1.50 a week, we’ll collect your garden waste every fortnight and compost it locally in Sussex, making it easy to tidy up in the garden and do your bit for the environment. Best of all, we’ll also give you a large 240-litre wheelie bin, so you’ll have plenty of room to dispose of your garden waste in-between collections.

Why choose us?

Simple, convenient, hassle-free, affordable

Gardening can be a real pleasure with loads of benefits, but knowing what to do with your garden waste can be a thorny issue! Sign up to our collection service and we’ll take care of your garden waste all year round – for just £1.50 a week.

With Greentopia, you’ll get a special wheelie bin for your garden waste and our friendly drivers will empty your bin every two weeks – leaving you free to enjoy your garden. Best of all, your garden waste will be recycled into compost – ready to help other gardens grow – rather than going into landfill.

We can take all kinds of garden waste including grass cuttings and hedge trimmings and at 240-litres, your Greentopia wheelie bin will be up to the job!

Our service is simple – it takes just a few minutes to sign up online and you’ll only need to make one safe, secure online payment, so there’s no Direct Debits or doorstep collections to worry about. If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of your garden waste, why not sign up today? You’ll be glad you did!

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Environment Agency approved

We’re registered by the Environment Agency – so you can be sure you’re in the very best hands.

   Why not share with a neighbour?

Ideal for small gardens or occasional gardeners, Greentopia gives you the option to share a garden waste collection bin with your neighbour – making our service even more affordable – Find out more