Your questions answered

How does the service work?

We’ll give you a roomy 240-litre wheelie bin designed especially for your garden waste. Simply put any garden waste in your Greentopia bin and we’ll empty it every fortnight from the edge of your property on collection day.

How much does it cost?

We’ll collect your garden waste every fortnight for just £1.50 a week, including the cost of your Greentopia wheelie bin. For the majority of customers, that’s less than the cost of driving your garden waste to the tip!

How do I pay?

We believe in making things as simple as possible. That’s why you’ll pay for a whole year’s worth of garden waste collections by making one simple, secure online payment of £78 including VAT. No monthly standing orders or Direct Debits to worry about. No-one knocking on your door for money. Just one straightforward online payment and that’s it – you can get on with enjoying life in the garden and we’ll do the rest.

Is the service local?

Yes, we’re local just like you and we’ll also compost your garden waste locally too. At the moment, our service is available throughout Brighton, Hove and Lewes District, but we’ll be collecting from other areas in the near future – so watch this space for more!

Is the service environmentally-friendly?

Yes, because your garden waste is composted locally, rather than being taken to the tip. When biodegradable material like garden waste is taken to landfill it rots with oxygen and produces large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide, which contributes significantly to climate change.

How do I sign up?

How do I sign-up for collections?

Simply complete the short online form so we have your details. We’ve designed things to be as quick and easy as possible, so it should only take a few moments. Once you’re signed up to the service and you’ve made a payment, we’ll deliver your brand new Greentopia wheelie bin and start collecting your garden waste.

About my collections

How do I know when my garden waste will be collected?

Simply check our online Collection Calendar to keep updated. We’ll confirm your first collection date by email once you’ve signed up – and your future collection day and weeks i.e. Tuesdays on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.

How often will you collect my garden waste?

We’ll empty your Greentopia bin every fortnight, on your allocated collection day, apart from the two weeks over Christmas and New Year. That means we’ll collect your garden waste 25 times a year. Simply check our online Collection Calendar to keep updated.

What happens on Bank Holidays?

If your collection day falls on a Bank Holiday, we’ll still collect your garden waste, so feel free to garden to your heart’s content! The only exception to this is Bank Holidays which fall over Christmas and New Year, including Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

What can and can’t be collected?

We’re happy to collect grass cuttings, leaves, garden prunings, hedge trimmings, small twigs and branches and weeds. We can’t collect food waste, egg shells, pet bedding, soil, plastic, wood or cardboard. Please make sure you don’t deposit any Japanese Knotweed or weeds controlled by the Weeds Act 1959 (Common Ragwort, Spear Thistle, Creeping/Field Thistle, Broad Leaved Dock and Curled Dock) in your Greentopia bin, as these aren’t suitable for collection and composting.

If you’re not sure what can and can’t be placed in your Greentopia bin, please get in touch with us, we’re here to help.

What happens if I put the wrong items into my Greentopia bin?

Sorry, but we won’t be able to collect your garden waste. We’ll leave a message on your bin asking you to remove the unwanted items. Once the items are removed, we’ll be able to empty your bin on the next collection day.

How much garden waste can I put into my Greentopia bin?

Your 240-litre Greentopia bin is designed to be roomy and hold the garden waste of a typical household. To keep our drivers safe and well, we may not be able to empty bins that are unreasonably heavy (difficult for one person to manoeuvre on their own). If this happens, we’ll leave a message on your bin asking you to reduce the weight. Once this is done, we’ll be able to empty your bin on the next collection day.

Please note: we can’t collect any garden waste left at the side of your Greentopia bin and the lid must be closed. If you need to sign up for an extra bin, please get in touch with us.

What happens to my garden waste after it’s collected?

We’ll empty your Greentopia bin every fortnight and your garden waste will go into our Greentopia refuse truck. From there, it will be taken to a local compositing facility and recycled into nutrient-rich compost, ready to help other gardeners grow better plants and flowers.

What happens if my bin isn’t emptied on my scheduled collection day?

We’ll do our very best to empty your bin on your scheduled collection day. If we’ve missed a collection, please get in touch to let us know and we’ll put things right.

About my Greentopia bin

How big is a Greentopia bin?

Our bins have the following dimensions:

Height: 106.3cm (around 42 inches)
Width: 72cm (around 28 inches)
Depth: 60cm (around 24 inches)

Where do I leave my bin for collection?

Please place your bin at the edge of your property so it’s visible from the road, no later than 7am on the day of collection. Our drivers won’t be able to collect your bin if it’s not easy accessible and visible from the road.

Can you help me if I’m physically unable to move my bin?

An assisted collection service is available for customers who are physically unable to move their bins, for example, if you have a disability. Please get in touch with us, explaining the reasons for requesting our assisted collection service.

What if my Greentopia bin is damaged or stolen?

If your bin is damaged accidently by one of our drivers, we’ll replace it free of charge. We’ll also replace it free of charge if it’s stolen, upon receipt of proof that you’ve reported the theft to the police. If your bin is damaged or destroyed by you or someone on your property we can replace it for a one-off cost of £30.

Can I share a bin with my neighbour?

Yes, but one of you will need to sign up and pay the annual subscription, rather than your bin being in joint names. Our drivers will collect your bin from the address you used when you signed up.

Moving home

What happens if I move home?

If you’re staying within our collection area, we’d be happy to collect your garden waste from your new home. Simply please get in touch with us to let us know you’re moving and your new address. Please give us at least two weeks notice.

If you’re moving outside our collection area, please get in touch with us to let us know you’re moving, at least two weeks before you leave your current address. We’ll arrange to collect your bin, or alternatively, you can arrange to transfer your subscription to the new homeowner.

Who are we?

Greentopia Ltd is a company registered in England (No. 7863713).
Registered office – 3 Cedar court, 1 Royal Oak Yard, London, SE1 3GA.
Service Address: Unit 105 Meersbrook Works, 19 Valley Road, Sheffield, S8 9FT. 0844 272 6054
VAT registration number: 130 4946 30. Registered by the Environment Agency (No. CB/TE5697HJ).