Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions formalise the agreement between Greentopia Ltd (‘the company’) and you (‘the subscriber’) to our garden waste collection service (‘the service’) and thereby constitutes a contract. Your statutory rights are unaffected.

Provision of our Garden Waste Collection Service

1. Greentopia Ltd will provide you (‘the subscriber’) with the service for an annual subscription of £78 (including VAT) and supply a 240 litre wheelie bin for the purpose of collecting garden waste only.

2. Garden waste will be collected on a fortnightly basis on the collection day and weeks notified to you (‘the subscriber’), with the exception of the two weeks containing the Christmas and New Year holidays, resulting in twenty five collections per subscription year.


3. The Subscriber will pay the annual subscription of £78 in advance by online payment.

4. The subscription will renew automatically twelve months from the date of the first collection unless 
cancelled by you (‘the subscriber’).

Your Greentopia wheelie bin

5. The wheelie bin for your garden waste will remain the property of Greentopia Ltd. You (‘the subscriber’) agree to (a) keep the bin safely stored on your property in a clean condition (b) not attach any markings to the bin and (c) only store garden waste in the bin.

6. If the bin is damaged or destroyed by Greentopia Ltd’s collection crew, the company will replace the bin at no cost to you (‘the subscriber’).

7. If the bin is damaged or destroyed by you (‘the subscriber’) or a third party while the bin is on your property, you will be liable to pay a replacement charge of £30.

8. If the bin is stolen, upon receiving proof of the theft being reported to the police, Greentopia Ltd will provide a replacement bin at no cost to you (‘the subscriber’).

9. If you (‘the subscriber’) choose to leave the service for any reason, you will make the bin available for removal by Greentopia Ltd. Failure to allow the removal of the bin will result in a charge of £30.

Garden Waste

10. For regulatory reasons, ownership of the garden waste will transfer to Greentopia Ltd immediately at the moment of collection.

11. Only garden waste may be placed in the wheelie bin and must be placed in the bin loose. Grass cuttings, leaves, garden prunings, hedge trimmings, plants, small twigs/branches and weeds are accepted. Food waste, egg shells, pet bedding, soil, plastic, wood and cardboard are not accepted.

12. Japanese Knotweed or weeds controlled by the Weeds Act 1959 (Common Ragwort, Spear Thistle, Creeping/Field Thistle, Broad Leaved Dock and Curled Dock) must not be placed in the wheelie bin.

13. Garden waste will only be collected from a Greentopia Ltd wheelie bin and any waste placed at the side of the bin cannot be accepted. The bin must have its lid closed.

14. Greentopia Ltd reserves the right not to collect garden waste if there is any evidence of 
contamination from unaccepted items. You (‘the subscriber’) will be requested to remove the contamination 
and place the bin for collection on the date of the next scheduled collection.

15. To avoid damage to the refuse truck and to safeguard the health and safety of Greentopia’s drivers, overweight bins (i.e. difficult for one person to easily move) 
will not be emptied. You (‘the subscriber’) will be requested to reduce the weight and place the bin for collection on the date of the next scheduled collection.


16. Garden waste will be collected fortnightly on your allocated collection day. Wheelie bins must be placed at the edge of your property visible from the road no later than 7am on the day of collection.

17. If wheelie bins have not been collected on the scheduled date, but were placed correctly and on time, and are reported to Greentopia Ltd on the collection day or following day, the company will make a return trip to collect the missed bin within three working days.

18. If access to the wheelie bin was blocked at the time of collection, the collection crew will return when access is available.

19. Greentopia Ltd reserves the right to alter the collection day if required provided two weeks notice has been provided to the subscriber and that twenty five collections still take place within the annual subscription.

20. Collection days may change due to Bank Holidays and the subscriber will be informed in advance of any changes.

21. In the event of severe weather or other exceptional circumstances, collections may be delayed or cancelled without notice. Service updates will be available at – www.greentopiasussex.com

Assisted Collections

22. An assisted collection service is available for those subscribers who are unable to physically move the wheelie bin to the edge of their property.

23. Applications must be made by email, explaining the reasons for the request, to contact@greentopiasussex.com

Change of Address

24. Subscribers moving house within Greentopia Ltd’s collection area may transfer their subscription to their new address upon giving the company two weeks notice by email to XXX.

25. Subscribers moving house outside Greentopia Ltd’s collection area must inform the company by email and present the wheelie bin for removal. Alternatively, the subscription may be transferred to the new occupant of the house. Please contact us to arrange this.

Shared Subscriptions

26. A subscription may be shared between two or more neighbours although the subscription will be registered to one subscriber, payable by them and the wheelie bin collected from their property.


27. You (‘the subscriber’) may cancel your subscription at any time by advising the company by email to XXX and presenting the wheelie bin for removal. No refunds can be made for cancellation midway through a subscription.

Amendment to Terms and Conditions

28. Greentopia Ltd reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and may do so by giving the subscriber one month’s written notice of such changes.